The Zombie One

The Incomplete Annotations of Book Three of the New Apocrypha, The Nonstandard Assembly, The Return of the Crawling Crimson

By: Jon Towers


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Abbreviations of referenced books:

The Heart of Abracax, Book One of the New Apocrypha -THA
Tales of the New Apocrypha, Syntrophos -SYN
The New Apocrypha Book 2, The Nonstandard Assembly, Kin of the Cup -TNA1
A Book of The New Apocrypha, I Eat Your Skin -IEYS
The New Apocrypha Book 5, The Nonstandard Assembly, The Assassination Covenant -TNA3
The New Apocrypha Book 6, The Djinn Jihad -DJ
Tales of the New Apocrypha, Rise of the Scorpion -ROS
Tales of the New Apocrypha, The Scorpion Strikes Again -SSA
Tales of the New Apocrypha, The Interview -TI
Tales of the New Apocrypha, The Man From America -TMA


Part 1

Page 4: Frame 1; This is the Cathedral of Learning on the The campus of The University of Pittsburgh. Frame 2; This is Professor Foster, he also appears in IEYS, TMA and he goes on to be a major character in upcoming stories. Frame 3; Sam is wearing a “Conform Now” T-shirt. Frame 6; Sam’s Father is wearing a USMC shirt. This is to set the stage for the theme of control that is in this book. Also the Comparative religion class is talking about Gnostics and the distractions of the material world.

Page 5: Sam now has a T shirt sporting a pentagram. There really three types of “Devil Worshipers” and typing that term really makes me laugh. The first type is the “Dabbler or Self Styled” Satanist. This is the disenfranchised kids who listen to too much metal music etc. This type is harmless and actually fun people to drink with. The second type is the legit Church of Satan guys who are really more theatrical contrarians. They are tall on ritual and really just position themselves opposed to Christianity. These guys are generally fun to drink with as well. The third kind are the well, the jerks.

Page 7: Frame 2; This guy is talking about The Kin of the Cup. Frame 4; This guy is based on Joe Lieberman and when he shockingly blamed a heavy metal band on a school shooting. I thought it important to infuse a societal comment into my Zombie book. My comment became the edited and manufactured reality that we are in due to constantly being controlled and manipulated by the media.

Page 8: Gretchen Coop also appears in TNA1, TNA 3, SYN and DJ. Captain Lift-O makes appearances in later stories. Just in case a few people out there might think I take myself a little too seriously I have a few quirky morsels in this book, the first is this guy Captain Lift-O. The idea that Boaz the Stone Golem is gone, the TNA would need to back fill the “Strong guy” position. Gretchen has a cup picture framed hanging on her office wall. This is an artifact from the previous owner of the mansion.

Page 9: Frame 2; Stitch also appears in TNA1, TNA 3, DJ, he also appears in other stories going forward. “That pop star you killed” is a reference to TNA1 when Stitch killed recording artist Bree and her back up dancer / boyfriend.

Page 10: Sgt McCord has also appeared in TNA1, TNA 3, ROS, SSA and DJ also he will be featured in other stories.

Page 11: More fear based manipulation of the media.

Page 15: Frame 3; on the media array you can see Callisto, and the “End is Near” sign. Also warnings for LSD, STD, Nuclear and Biological threats. Frame 3; McCord is referring to Leechman.

Page 16: There is an idea about The Nonstandard Assembly where folks all travel in slightly different but close circles and characters know each other off page occasionally. In TNA Axx is almost drafted into the group Callisto later says “He’s not ready” but in TNA 3 is appears as an iatrical character and is a full blown member in DJ. Shin and Axx know each other from the events in SYN right after HOA and also between TNA2 and TNA3. Gretchen knew Callisto. Emma knew Boaz. Shin knew Callisto from SYN. And Later we know that Cyrus, Axx, Shin all know each other, and Cyrus knows McCord. Also in the future stories Lift-O become a member of TNA. So here we see that Gretchen Cooper and Rex Crawford know each other, presumably from a past case. These characters swirl around outside the wheel and get selected when needed depending on their distance apart.

Page 22: Stitch’s character has developed at this point. In TNA he was obsessed with his mother and really acting out in a lot of terrifying ways. When he was chemically tortured by Leechman and overcame that experience he was able to move on from that particular psychosis. Often times one needs to experience great pain in order gain inner knowledge, reach a higher plain or “level-up” I do not suggest everyone to use pain to do this. There are other methods.

Part 2

Page 27: Zombie myth and lore is wide and varied. I wanted to start it off like a classic old movie. This I could afford this because of the supernatural element. It is the conceit of this story that these zombies are not caused by a comet, satellites leaking radiation, viruses or any of that stuff. These zombies are raised by demonic magic.

Page 28: Zombie lore really has two sorts of genres or branches pre 1968 zombies were voodoo like slaves controlled by evil magic users or in later versions atomic-aged mad scientists. Post ’68 they are the zombies like we grew up with. Additionally there is now-a-days what is called the post modern zombie genre; where we debate shambling / walking / running zombies and so forth.

Page 29: This book and the way I handle zombies in this larger story is a way to bridge the gap on all of these types. I explain this in what is called The Tequila Zombie Theory, which I have rambled about everywhere there would be people would listen to me jabber. I will define TTZT at length throughout these annotations.

Page 30: The second stage of the siege all reflect the sexual addiction to the material distractions of the lesson of Gnosticism from page 1.

Page 31: A shallow level understanding this metaphor would be that Love is itself distraction, or again this is lust or even a lie on this young man’s part.

Page 32: This guys change cup is a cup from the Fat Frank’s hot dog stand a cup like this was first seen in HOA. This zombie is a prostitute or stripper.

Page 33: Frame 1; There is an Elect Saltis poster on the beer store. Saltis appears in TNA1 as an x-ray and TNA3. Frame 3; Sam’s pentagram T-shirt is now inverted.

Page 35: The story being developed here will be featured at some degree, it is about another Nonstandard Assembly staffed by rednecks joining TNA to fight a giant demonic squid.

Page 39: A brief historical note on the subject of The Hackers Index: In the 1970’s a tech company called INSLAW created a software program called Promis (PROsecuters Management Information System) which was purchased by the US Government installed in the computer systems of police departments, law offices and tax collectors. The purpose was for the program to accumulate “big data” on citizens who were in trouble with the law and not paying their taxes. This was only the first step in the creation of the “Panopticon”. Subsequently INSLAW discovered that the government was making modifications to the program and also selling the program to allies abroad. INSLAW sued the government over a breach of contract. I apologize for digressing. The basic concept of the Panopticon boils down to the government constantly Surveilling and monitoring the citizens. The other side of that is controlling what the citizens watch, or more generally controlling what information they are allowed to consume. The Hacker’s index was based on the idea of a first step towards that end, as it would be a huge and ever growing data base of user names / passwords and access codes. With this, one person, group or Government could manipulate, disrupt or switch off any media feed around the world. Of course with recent news breaking about the depths of the government Surveilling, monitoring, and spying on citizens, along with the socio-politically polarized and biased media on both sides the idea of having a simple piece of technology or secret machine to do this is in retrospect, a little quaint and naïve of an idea (The Hacker’s Index was introduced in TNA2 in 2006). Frame 4; Gretchen here says “Reverse the polarity of the neutron flow”. This is an old school Dr. Who reference. Which is totally wrong because Neutrons don’t have polarity and they do not flow. I would like to point out this was written back in 2004 / 2005 years before the current hipness of Dr. Who.

Page 49: The poster on the wall is again for Saltis who appears in TNA3

Page 52: Stitch’s shirt says “Jerk Face” on it. It is a carryover from one of his lines from TNA1.

Page 63: Frame 3; Stitch’s speech is from an movie trailer for Plan 9 From Outer Space. It is also featured prominently in White Zombies song “Knuckle Duster” from La Sexorcisto: Devil Music Volume 1.

Page 65: Crusher busts through the wall much like Boaz did in TNA1, instead of saving the group like Boaz did, Crusher is trying to kill the group.


Part 3

Page 77:Stitch is the only character that gets to have a POV shot. And usually it is when he is doing something fun, like killing zombies with a car door.

Page 79: Frame 5; These undead fellows are called the triplets.

Page 87: The world is truly a crazy place when the only one making any sense is Stitch.

Page 91: Shin is essentially talking about the Tequila Zombie Theory here. The Tequila Zombie theory states that the longer a zombie is around the slower and more shambling it gets, however the more of its life it remembers. So an older zombie might recall how to operate a door knob, climbing up a ladder or maybe using a firearm. The newer zombies can move very as quickly as a normal person pumped up with adrenaline. These zombies do not have any presence of mind and are full of blind rage and hunger.

Page 93: McCord is showing off his new weapons, some sort of electric arc blasts. They are clearly upgrades since they do not match his rugged jeep / tank look.

Page 97: Constituent Zero also appears in TNA3, DJ, ROS, SSA. He is a wild conspiracy type anarchist


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