Dividing The Deluge

The Incomplete Annotations of Book Two of the New Apocrypha, The Nonstandard Assembly. The Kin Of The Cup

By Jon Towers

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Abbreviations of referenced books:

The Heart of Abracax, Book One of the New Apocrypha -THA
Tales of the New Apocrypha, Syntrophos -SYN
The New Apocrypha Book 3, The Nonstandard Assembly, Return of the Crawling Crimson -TNA2
A Book of The New Apocrypha, I Eat Your Skin -IEYS
The New Apocrypha Book 5, The Nonstandard Assembly, The Assassination Covenant -TNA3
The New Apocrypha Book 6, The Djinn Jihad -DJ
Tales of the New Apocrypha, Rise of the Scorpion -ROS
Tales of the New Apocrypha, The Scorpion Strikes Again -SSA
Tales of the New Apocrypha, The Interview -TI
Tales of the New Apocrypha, The Man From America -TMA


Part 1
Page 7: frame 1; The x-rays they are looking at are of Saltis who appears and is a major villain in TNA3.
Page 8: The card games take characters from works that influenced me. Frame 1; Neo from The Matrix and Travis Bickle from Taxi Driver. Frame 2; Fu Manchu. Frame 3; Hunter S. Thompson. Callisto also appears in, TNA2, TNA3 and briefly in DJ.

Page 9: Axx hangs out at bars that have bible themed or esoteric names. Jonny Axx appears in: HOA, SYN, TNA3, IEYS, DJ.

Page 10: Gretchen Cooper appears in: SYN, TNA2, TNA3, DJ, TI.
Page 11: The Albrecht Durer etching Knight, Death and The Devil touches on a few of the archetypes that appear in the book, as well as directly matching characters from the Tarot. The etching in questions appears in SYN.

Page 12: Sgt Layne McCord also appears in: TNA2, TNA3 and DJ.
Page 16: Stitch also appears in: TNA2, TNA3 and DJ.

Page 18: Emma The Ghost appears in SYN, briefly in DJ, and has a role in an upcoming story.

Page19: Shin also appears in: SYN,TNA2, TNA3, DJ.
Page 20: Part of SYN acts as a prolog to this and we get to see these characters meeting for the first time there.
Page 22: The Albigensian Crusade was the only crusade ever to be waged on European soil. It lasted from 1209-1229 and started by Pope Innocent III against The Cathars. The Cathars were a group of Gnostics living in southern France in a region called Languedoc. The Church branded the Cathars as heretics (for obvious spiritual and dogmatic reasons, and political reasons as well). They set out destroying the peaceful Gnostics. The parameters of the mission shifted a little when the a crusader asked Cistercian writer Caesarius of Heisterbach, how they can tell between Catholics and Cathers. The prior answered: "Caedite eos! Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius" – "Kill them all! Surely the Lord can identify his own". Which some of the enthusiastic crusaders used to justify slaughtering some nearby Jewish communities. In his own statement to the Pope the prior wrote the following: “The servants and other persons of low degree and unarmed attacked the city without waiting for orders from their leaders. To our amazement, crying "to arms, to arms!", within the space of two or three hours they crossed the ditches and the walls and Béziers was taken. Our men spared no one, irrespective of rank, sex or age, and put to the sword almost 20,000 people. After this great slaughter the whole city was despoiled and burnt as divine vengeance...” This was the beginning of the final extermination of the Gnostics. Before this, in 391 they destroyed and burned the Serapeum, the Library at Alexandria destroying ancient Gnostic knowledge. For hundreds of years no one on Earth knew anything about the Gnostics because the they killed them all and destroyed all their writings. All we knew about them was by what their hated enemies and murderers had written about them. It wasn’t until 1945 when someone found documents that were buried and hidden dating back to 391.

Page 24: The events of this story will be featured in an upcoming story. There is a tarot card theme here: the tapestry of “The Tower” and the tower actually burning.

Page 26: I was inspired by and based Leechman on the archetype of the charismatic leader. I pulled from all different types of these guys; “Socialist” Jim Jones, “Anarchist” Charlie Manson, “Sex, Drugs and Rock n’ Roll” Aleister Crowley, and even a little Hitler thrown in there. It is important to note that he is dispensing pills (presumably some degree of psychotropic drug, and who even knows what kind of wine this guy serves at these things.) Leechman is an elitist type, with his wildly successful pharmaceutical company and his esoteric writing Constituent Zero and most conspiracy types would probably refer to him as an Illuminati.

Page 28: These guys actually look like the characters from the suit of Cups from the Waite Rider Tarot card deck.

Page 29: Nysrogh the Demon Lord also appears in: HOA, IEYS and TNA3. The building is the side of the USX Steel Tower. It is featured in HOA and sort of acts as an Axis Mundi in that story.


Part 2

Page 31: Frame 1; Behind the truck you see spray painted on the wall “WMMS ROCKS!” WMMS is the radio call letters for the Cleveland area radio station I grew up listening to as a kid. It is actually a double reference because WMMS is the only authentic part of Cleveland that appears in Howard The Duck. Beverly has an WMMS bumper sticker on her guitar case. Frame 3; The Plain Dealer is a Cleveland area news paper.

Page 37: Stitch penetrating Emma the Ghost with his knife while saying “mother” is creepy to me. It is or will become very clear that Stitch has mother issues big time.
Page 38: …And the weirdo penetration continues. Stitch is the ultimate Freudian character at this stage in the story.

Page 39: The Advanced mechanics Research Annex (ARMA) also appears in HOA, and will make appearances going forward. ARMA is like an analog of the real life Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). They are a Government Agency dedicated to developing super science for military application. ARMA will be featured heavily in later stories.
Page 42: There are homages everywhere inside AMRA Frame 1; power armors. Frame 2; Giant Robots. Frame 3; The Ultimate Nullifier.

Page 45: McCord is like Ward Cleaver trapped in the body of a Sherman Tank.

Page 49: Gretchen Cooper’s childhood was patterned after a Nancy Drew sort of archetype.


Part 3
Page 55: Shin doesn’t trust Callisto because of the events in SYN.

Page 56: This is the introduction to the concept of The Wheel. Here it is a symbol of material world spinning chaotically through space / time. As we wade deeper into the stories it’ll crop up again.

Page 59: Frame 2; Jonny Axx. Frame4; The Demon Lord Abracax, who appeared in HOA. Frame 5; The Archangel Uriel, who appeared in HOA. Frame 6; The Demon Lord Nysrogh.
Page 60: The Hanged Man represents Emma The Ghost. It is the twelfth Major Arcana card meaning “waiting, non-action, sacrifice”. he is shown to be suspended, neither on the ground or in the heavens, this is what happened to Shemyza the leader of the watchers. Just like Emma as she is suspended here neither dead or alive. Temperance represents Gretchen Cooper. It is the fourteenth Major Arcana card it means “balance, joining forces, unification, blending opposites”. She is the harmonizing force on the team. She is pouring water from one cup to another cup a symbol of managing the deluge, unlike the star card which blatantly symbolizes the Deluge. In the Tarot deck Temperance is between the Death and The Devil, in this way she is an invisible presence in the Albrecht Durer engraving which is stolen and found at the beginning of the book. Strength represents Boaz The Stone Golem. It is the eighth Major Arcana card, it means “Self-control, perseverance, slowness and inner strength”. In older decks this card was called “Forteza” meaning Fortitude and was drawn with a woman and a stone pillar. The Knight of Swords represents Shin. It is a Minor Arcana card in the suit of Swords. It is obviously an action card with a confident warrior. The Ace of Swords represents Stitch. It is also a Minor Arcana card. The card represents a single mindedness, or taking a radical position. The Chariot card represents Sgt McCord. It is the seventh card in the Major Arcana , it means “Victory, confidence, discipline, bravery” . Depicted is an honorable, willful warrior defined by his weapon or mode of locomotion. I could probably go on more with the dichotomy of the Chariot card and it’s imagery as it hints the coupling of two different or opposites, a sphinx being a merger of two different animals, and the two sphinx one being white and one being black and so forth, this is reflected in McCord since he has a human mind coupled with a sturdy armored mechanical war frame. Which is also a perfect example of a dualistic world view like the Gnostics, (let’s get really basic here) the mind, locked into the body. Not to go off on a tangent here; but this can also be seen in the character of Stitch; a fractured crazy person sewn into a stained, dirty, blood caked suit. And this idea is carried on almost ad nausea through all of these stories (see Metatron, HOA, DJ).

Page 61: The Hierophant represents Callisto. It is the fifth Major Arcana card it means “knowledge, power, duality and experience”. It is a picture of The Pope, you know? But let’s not get too literal. The Hierophant is someone one who receives the word of God and translates it to the masses. Callisto is not receiving or translating the word of the Hebrew God. The Wheel Of Fortune represents The Wheel. That is to say the material world. It is the tenth Major Arcana Card, it means “turning points, fate and expansion.”

Page 62: The Star card is pregnant with symbols, it represents The cross-over main stream super star Bree whom we will meet later. It is also symbolic of The Deluge where she is shown literally pouring water from a lake or something onto the Earth. It is the seventeenth Major Arcana card. The World; Literally The World. It is the twenty first card of the Major Arcana, it means “renewal of forces, regeneration and peace of mind”. The wreath is an ouroborous like shape reminding us the destructive nature of the world. The Ouroborous and The Flood can mean the same thing, as far as the symbolism is concerned in that it destroys to create / sustain. The four different faces are the different faces of the mighty Cherubim from Ezekiel 1:6 (Eagle, Bull, Man, Lion). This directly ties into DJ linking The World with the Council of the Cherubim. The Judgment card represents the end of days, it is also foreshadowing the next book with all the zombies and so forth, it is also literally heralding the coming end of days in upcoming stories. It is the twentieth Major Arcana card, it means “rebirth, restart, end of repressions and salvations”.

Page 63: The Devil represents Nysrogh. It is the fifteenth card of the Major Arcana, it means “materialism, anger, temptation and ignorance”. The King of Cups represents Stanford Leechman. It is a Minor Arcana card. He is literally surrounded by water. The Knight of Cups represents Mr. Waite. It is a Minor Arcana card.

Page 66: Leechman’s mansion also appears in, TNA2, DJ, TI.

Page 68: In Nonstandard Assembly stories the moon is always a waning crescent moon. The waning moon is a time for and brings on instinctual growth and creativity.

Page 69: There are cups, water and tide symbols all over the place. See if you can find them all!


Part 4

Page 86: This is the Emsworth Dam down the Ohio River from Pittsburgh. When I was working on this book I called to get permission to take reference photos and go on a tour. They took down all of my info, a day or two later they called me back to tell me I didn’t pass their security screening process. Combat engineers man, who could trust them?

Page 91: I actually had to rent the DVD of Chicago to figure out how to do these lyrics.
Page 93: Back to the Freudian Stitch, look at all this vagina center stage here.

Page 102: Flood myths are everywhere throughout history and prehistory on every content from Mesopotamia and Gilgamesh to Genesis and Noah. Since God promised to not destroy with water again of course Nysrogh would want to flip that and use flood. Floods as a symbol are obviously powerful, they are forces of destruction and creation. Cleansing to make way for the new or nest thing. Joseph Campbell equated the waters of the flood as a symbol for the mind, with the surface being the conscious and the depths under the surface as the subconscious. It can also be a symbol for emotion and creativity. Part of the flood story from Genesis will be revisited in the early pages of DJ.
Page 112: Stitch’s finishing move is to punch through a victims chest. When next we see stitch his character will have developed somewhat, he will be free of this mother fixation that he has been acting out about through this whole book. Often time severe trauma or great pain needs to be endured and survived to reach the next level or achieve some sort of self knowledge. I do not recommend pain and or trauma to achieve this, there are other ways to do it.

Page 104: Mr. Waite losing control of his growing of his growing power and becoming a blobby like creature could be just a weird-o quirky way to present a big boss at the finale of the book. It also represent and could be a supplement to the symbolism of the flood / water in a few ways. He is de-evolving from man backwards into an aquatic type of organism. Also the fluidity of the creature by its nature reflects the water itself. This presents Waite in this way as a false or substitute Water Elemental. It is also worth considering that he didn’t necessarily lose control, but perhaps his condition was engineered to be tied into this event. As he might have been intended to be the second wave, the second attack of the flood.

Page 113: Frame 2; on the media wall behind Gretchen; Millionaire Murdered!, Proof of Ghosts?, The End is Near.













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