12/20/2015 The secret origin of the Archangel Gabriel part 3 is up! And it is leading to some dark Shit! 

12/19/2015 New Red Horse Radio! Burlesque performer and artist Violet Corbeau is in studio talking about Pittsburgh's decriminalization of cannibis!

12/14/2015 New THE AGES: Gemini! The secret origin of the Archangel Gabriel part 2! This is the last month of this web comic! Get caught up today! 

12/13/2015 Adult entertainment expert and podcaster Dick Dangle in studio for episode #216 of Red Horse Radio

12/7/2015 Matisse from brand new podcast The Pop Off is in studio for Red Horse Radio #215

12/7/2015 New THE AGES: Genesis! This is the kick off of the last month of this web comic! This is the secret origin of the Archangel Gabriel! 

11/15/2015 New Red Horse Radio! author and podcaster David Fairhead

11/15/2015 New Page of The Ages: Gemini! Cain gets the drop on Angelic Captain and... teaches him a little about human resourcefulness!  

11/9/2015 Mike "The Stepfather" Cerra from The Caveman Mafia makes an appearance with Jon, Nelson and Melanie X in Episode 2 of The Cave Horse Radio - Exclusivley on The Caveman Mafia podcast network! 

11/7/2015 New Red Horse Radio episode! Writer, actor and science nut Christine Soltis is in studio!

11/18/2015 New page of The Ages: Gemini is up! 


10/19/2015 New page of The Ages: Gemini is up! Cain is getting heated up at this angel warrior.

10/19/2015 Horror writer Mad Mae March is on this weeks Red Horse Radio, we talk about the importance of mentors and finding people to inspire you. We also talk about the importance of finding the right path in life. 

10/12/2015 The first episode of our new monthly podcast The Clan Of The Cave Horse over on The Caveman Mafia! It is such a fun show hosted by Jon Towers with horror author Nelson W. Pyles and the mysterious Melanie X! 

10/12/2015 New The Ages: Gemini!

10/11/2015 New Red Horse Radio with new media kingpin Mike Sorg from Sorgatron Media!

10/6/2015 Jon was on The Sinister Dream Podcast talking about process, art and when to abandon it! 

10/5/2015 New Red Horse Radio episode! Writer Cynthia Lowman and writer / podcaster Dan Foytik in studio!

10/5/2015 New page from the THE AGES: Gemini


9/28/2015 The exclusive page is out! Sign up for the newsletter to get it! 

9/27/2015 New Red Horse Radio! Shawn Kelly from The Pittsburgh Paranormal Society is in studio! 

9/20/2015 New Page for The Ages: GEMINI!

9/20/2015 Horror writer Nelson Pyles is in studio talking about his new book Everything Here Is A Nightmare on this weeks episode of Red Horse Radio!

9/13/2015 New page for The Ages: GEMINI is up! Cain and crew build the first city! 

9/13/2015 New Red Horse Radio! Film maker and documentary director Brian Cottington is in studio! 

9/7/2015 New Page for THE AGES: Gemini! Cain gets to building! 

9/7/2015 New Red Horse Radio! Promoter, networker and mover and shaker J Dub in studio. If you listen closely you will hear the secret origins of Red Horse Radio on this episode! 


8/16/2015 Red Horse Radio! Actress Christine Starkey from the movie The Other Side in studio talking motivation, acting, running and pooping in pants! 

8/16/2015 New Pages of THE AGES: Gemini is available! Cain in exile. 

8/9/2015 Film maker and podcaster Nick Kizina from Sinister Dream Productions is in studio talking about movies and geeky media. 

8/9/2015 New page of THE AGES: Gemini is up Cain is in exile. 

8/3/2015 Writer and Briziallian Ju Jitsu guy Jesse Saxon from White Belt Survival Strategy , writer Nelson Pyles and writer / podcaster Dan Foytik from The Wicked Library and The 9th Story podcasts are in studio to spit fire and talk about subscription services and how it applies to the the indie creative. 

8/3/2015 New page of THE AGES: Gemini is out! Cain is exiled but why is he wandering around ancient angelic battlefields? 


7/9/2015 The new THE AGES: Gemini is available! Cain gets his curse! If you haven't signed up for the exclusive page now is the time, next week's exclusive page is The Mark of Cain! 

7/19/2015 This weeks Red Horse Radio Marta from is in studio talking travel, treasure hunting and Queen! 

7/11/2015 Cain is getting sassy with Jehovah on the new page of THE AGES: Gemini!  It is about to get real! If you guys haven't signed up for the bonus pages you do not want to miss this months!   

7/4/2015 A new page of THE AGES: GEMINI is up! "CAIN WHERE IS YOUR BROTHER ABEL?" it is about to get real! If you guys haven't signed up for the bonus pages you do not want to miss this months! 

7/4/2015 New Red Horse Radio! Melanie Friedrich, this is seriously the wildest RHR in history. Pegging, porno booths, and a dating simulator!  

7/4/2015 In this weeks exclusive Abracast Jon breaks down Leviticus and the Morality of the Word Abomination


6/15/2015 New The Ages: Gemini page! The Serpent tells the secret origins of Adam and Eve! 

6/15/2015 Red Horse Radio! Ashley Herrera and Jose Herrera are in studio talking SCA, Judo, meade and she gives a ramblin' synopsis of The Princess Bride and Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. 

6/13/2015 This weeks Stigmataverse blog post is about Saturn and the Ancient Sky! 

6/12/2015 Jon is doing a art for The Wicked Library episode 603. The story is called Stuck by Catlin Marceau

6/10/2015 Jon did an illustration for Leza Cantoral's upcoming book Voodoo Mermaid! It was recent featured in some promo material for Booktrope's new imprint Forsaken! And featured on Dread Central

6/5/2015 Jon Designed a T Shirt for alt rock band Wings For Armor! Check it out! 

6/7/2015 New page of THE AGES: Gemini! The Serpent starts a history lesson!

6/7/2015 New blog post on The Drunken Serpent in the Garden of Eden. 

6/7/2015 New Red Horse Radio! Wings for Armor is in studio talking process, inspiration and technology! 

6/1/2015 New Red Horse Radio! Writers and podcasters Dan Foytik and Nelson Pyles and artist Steve Matiko come on the show to talk Charlie Charlie Challenge, Ouija Boards and Brains!

6/1/2015 Brand new blog post all about the Precession of the Astrological Ages. Which ties into current web comic THE AGES: Gemini.

6/1/2015 New Page of THE AGES: Gemini! The Serpent preaches about the material world and Ialdabaoth The Demiurge.


5/25/2015 New Red Horse Radio! Nick Kizina from Sinister Dream  Productions in studio to talk team building, movies and technology.

5/25/2015 New Red Horse Radio: Abracast! Nick and Jon use symbols in Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back to prove that Han Solo and Princess Leia had sex in the asteroid field.

5/25/2015 The new page of the weekly webcomic, THE AGES: Gemini is published exclusively to newsletter subscribers. This week features The Serpent in the garden explaining the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil..

5/16/2015 New Red Horse Radio! Maddie Holiday Von Stark and David Fairhead in Studio.

5/16/2015 Red Horse Radio: Abracast this week is Maddie Von Stark explaining the Higgs Boson particle and Particle physics. 

5/11/2015 This weeks webcomic page of THE AGES: Gemini is up! Intro of the mysterious Serpent and a closer look at the weird Eye of Saturn that has been looking at Cain.  

5/10/2015 New Red Horse Radio! Historical Fiction Author Stephen Goedert in studio to talk about The History Channel and weird history. 

5/10/2015 Red Horse Radio: The Abracast: Operation Fu-Go! 

5/3/2015: This weeks page of my new webcomic THE AGES: GEMINI is up! Cain just aced his brother with a pitch fork and sneaks into the Garden of Eden. We got a cameo here of the Archangel Uriel who was a villain in my very first graphic novel published way back in 2003.

5/4/2015: Red Horse Radio 184: Mike “The Stepfather” Cerra from The Caveman Mafia in studio.

5/4/2015: Red Horse Radio: The Abracast: The Tarot of The Big Lebowski


4/20/2015 THE AGES: Gemini! Page 3! It's like that old Eagles song "Somebody's gonna hurt somebody before the night is through!" 

4/19/2015 Red Horse Radio 182 Writer and BJJ guy Jesse Saxon stops in studio to talk about sparing, drilling, Rocky Horror Picture show and body language!

4/13/2015 New The Ages: Gemini! Page 2! Who spends too much time with the serpent? Yo' Mamma! That's who! 

4/12/2015 Red Horse Radio 181! American author and podcaster Dan Foytik sits in studio to talk about story telling, podcasting and magic! We're launching a new feature! By joining this mailing list you will get access to Red Horse Radio: Abracast! This is an exclusive part of the podcast where we expound and elaborate on some of the sticky, weird and occult topics that come up on the main show. This week Jon talks SEX MAGIC and the THREE FINGER LOCK! 

4/6/2015 Today is the launch of Tales of the New Apocrypha, The Ages: Gemini web comic! 

4/4/2015 Red Horse Radio 180! American horror author and musician Nelson W. Pyles sits in studio.


3/28/2015 The Dead as Hell Horror Podcast did an awesome review of The Djinn Jihad

3/25/2015 The first teaser image from The Tales of the New Apocrypha, The Ages: Gemini has been released! 

3/14/2015 Red Horse Radio 177 is a cool wrap up of the Djinn Jihad soft launch featuring Nelson Pyles doing a dramatic reading of chapter 3 of The Djinn Jihad. 

We are giving away a ton of free E-comics. Three supporting comics; The Day of the Scorpion, The Scorpion Strikes! and The Test of the Scorpion! are being Emailed out 3/23/2015 to everyone on the Stigmata Studios mailing list! Don't be left out and catch some free brutal BRAND NEW comics!  

Jon and Dan Foytik visit the Kettle Whistle Radio studio to talk about The Djinn Jihad! 

3/11/2015 The Test of the Scorpion, The Scorpion vs Cyrus the Dead Guy drops today! It is an action packed brutally fun tie in to The Djinn Jihad and The Scorpion Strikes

3/7/2015 Jon and Maddie Holiday Von Stark talk about where tech meets your inner self. Innovation in publishing, Google "incorrect facts", Face Book mind control and the Shadow App that will index your dreams! 


1/25/2015: Red Horse Radio 170: Talks with a verteran of the geeks wars! Comic con talk and announcement of new project.

1/20/2015:Stigmata Studios launched an official twitter account!

1/18/2015: Red Horse Radio 169: Tony Rowsick in studio to talk about Prog-Watch, Novus and Prog-Rock. 

1/17/2015: Announcement made that The Scorpion Strikes! will be released in February. The Scorpion Strikes! is a prequel to The Djinn Jihad and center on how Constituent Zero discovers the terrorist plot in the first chapter of the Graphic Novel. It also goes with the Day Of The Scorpion another companion piece that is being given away for free when you subscribe to the Stigmata Studios News Letter

1/11/2015: Red Horse Radio Episode 168 Maddie Holiday Von Stark calls in to talk about art, weirdo corporate logos and writing! 

1/4/2015: Red Horse Radio Episode 167 Jessica McHugh calls in to talk about writing and tits.


 9/21/14 Chapter 3 of The Djinn Jihad will be featured on The Wicked Library on Friday 9/29/14! 

9/19/2014 Jon's recent copyright infringement beef breaks on Bleeding Cool News

9/10/14 New How To Draw Comics The Stigmata Way! are up! All about social media marketing! 

9/9/2014 The Djinn Jihad Kindle pre-order offer is up! 

9/8/2014 The Djinn Jihad paperback Pre-Order offer is up! 

9/7/2014 Lee Bradford from www. does a talk about color as guest Professor on How To Draw Comics The Stigmata Way! 

9/1/2014 The audio version of the August Newsletter is available! 

8/29/2014 Post Mortem Press released a sneak peak at The Djinn Jihad cover!  


8/28/2014 Red Horse Radio was featured on Brazilian Jujitsu Daily!  

8/26/2014 Jon makes an appearance on The Caveman Mafia Podcast! 

8/10/2014 The audio versions of The Nonstandard Assembly 2 and The Syntrophos stories are now available with exclusive content!

8/12/2014 Stigmata Studios, Jon and Jesse Saxon are featured in Movies Models and Music Entertainment Magazine 

8/7/2014 The Annotations for The Nonstandard Assembly 2 and The Syntrophos stories are now available!

8/1/2014 Jon will be appearing at Horror Realm 8/15 - 8/17!


  7/22/2014 Dividing The Deluge, The Incomplete Annotations of Book Two of the New Apocrypha, The Nonstandard Assembly. The Kin Of The Cup Now available! Jon produced an audio version with exclusive content! 

7/21/2014 New Red Horse Radio Episode 156!  Featuring the funny girls from Girls Poop Rainbows!

7/19/2014 The Stigmata Studios newsletter #1 is out! Jon did an audio version with exclusive content! 

7/7/2014 New Red Horse Radio this week Mr. Pink from TBA sits in and talks about The Facebook Mood control experiment!  

7/5/2014 Jon was on TBA with Mr. Pink this week and went off the rails a little talking about self realization, saying yes, and peoples ego being their worst enemy. 

7/4/2014 The Stigmata Studios Instagram launches today! Find us: stigmatastudios 


6/21/2014 We recently acquired the and domain names! Click and check them out!   

6/21/2014 Red Horse Radio's very own Jack Massacre is featured in the print and online version of  The Wall Street Journal today!

6/17/14 Red Horse Radio: Episode 151 is up, Jon and guest Jack Massacre discuss Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

6/15/2014 Stigmata Studios is happy to unveil a new T-shirt design. Go and check out the "Do You Even NLP Bro?" T-shirt! 

5/31/14 Illustrations that Jon did for the Big Book of Bizzaro are being used as covers for the Kindle versions! check them out here: 
The Big Book of Bizarro Sci-Fi & Fantasy Collection
The Big Book of Bizarro Horror Collection
The Big Book of Bizarro Erotica Collection

5/28/14 Red Horse Radio would like to welcome Shelby Pratt on board, she's the fresh new voice of the RHR FB page.

5/24/14 Jon got invited to appear on a TV program called Serotonin After Dark it will be recording 5/29/14 broadcast date to follow. 

5/18/2014 Jon is working on OPP (Other people's projects) today! He is working on a cover graphic for the 9th Story Podcast featuring the one and only John Russo! And on a new cover for Rarr I'm A Monster Publishing. His last one for Hobb Sized Adventures was awesome! 

5/17/2014: The website is back up and running! And check out this mysterious new layout! This is the new HUB of the spinning labyrinthine Stigmataverse! Take a look around and read some comics! Watch some videos! Listen to some Podcasts! Hit us up on the social media! 






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