I have made a few contributions to a  multi-media magazine. In their last issue (2004) they interviewed me and I did a recipe for the cannibal cookbook they were putting together please find both below:  


The Interview:

01        Jon - how many people did you kill while in the army?

A: None, luckily I was solidly in-between the Bush and W’s administrations. I spent most of my army time drinking my face off for cheap, in countries where people spoke funny languages… and you didn’t have to be overly impressive for the hot chicks to want to give it up to you… luckily. I guess it was kinda like a totalitarian heaven, with guns, and easy women.

02        Did you collect souvenirs like ears or vaginas and make a necklace out of them?

A: No. I never really wore much jewelry.

03        Did anything you see in the army help create Jonny Axx and The Heart Of Abracax?

A: There was no wartime trauma, or anything like that. I think you learn a lot about the human animal watching desperate young men, that have nothing to live for, wrapped up in drug and alcohol binges. This is the stage that was set when I realized that I hated myself. And I think a lot of people hate themselves… they just don’t know it. Self-loathing is a big theme in my work.

04        Your central figure, Jonny Axx, has an incredible will to live - hell when someone flicks my nose I burst into tears and wish I was dead...

A: He has a toughness, he doesn’t necessarily want to live, as much as he doesn’t want to loose, or get proven wrong. He knows that he will be worse off if he gives up, because he will have to live with himself if he does the wrong thing.

05        Your graphic novel blurs the line between reality and fantasy. What are we supposed to make of Jonny Axx's predicament?

A: When most people look at it I think they see an old tired story of angels fighting demons, and where is man’s place in the whole wacky universe kinda thing. But to me it is actually more of a man loosing everything around him due to his own actions. All set against these metaphors of this demonic and angelic battle. To me it is more like “Fight Club” than “The Prophecy”. But people get dismissive with things they do not understand.

06        Your female forms remind me of the artwork of Aeon Flux...

A: Well, Peter Chung is a great student of the Art Nuevo style. Which is where I like to draw inspiration, although I think mood is a much bigger factor in my work, and the mood I tend to push is not Art Nuevo, I think the style still shows through A little.

07        When will we see the second book of Jonny Axx?

A: I am in the middle of rewrites right now. I am opening the story up, so it will still surround Axx’s personal and psychological plight, but you will also get huge chunks of the story that was not included in the first book. Where the first book was kinda designed to leave you like ”huh?”, this one is designed to leave you going “ohhh!”. On top of some new characters, there will also be some new angels, and the “Order of the Shinning Hexagon” will come into the center stage for a little bit.

08        What are you working on now?

A: Right now I am working on a few different things. Besides the rewrites and character design for Book 2, I am working on The Nonstandard Assembly. I guess it is not horror, or snuff films, but more of like an open love letter to the comics, genre TV shows, and movies I grew up watching. I also wrote A project called “Hazard” it is a supernatural western. And I am outlining TNA 2.

 The Infamous Recipe:

The screaming and moaning has finally stopped. The kitchen is a mess; certainly there are signs of both struggle and foul play. Your once beautiful and vibrant mother is now laying face down on the dirty kitchen floor in an ever-growing pool of her own blood. Of all the horrifying and terrible thoughts still running frantically through your liquor soaked, drunken mind, one stands alone as completely calm and lucid… you wonder out loud what she tastes like. The huge butcher knife slips out your hand and clangs to the floor, as you choose an instrument more agile and precise, the filleting knife…

Blackened Mother Fillets by Jon Towers (www.jonnyaxx.com)
Serves about 4
Once you have your mother shaved, cleaned, and prone on your cutting board It is best to skin her, and remove the thick and well developed muscles under the breast, and leg and thigh muscles. Safety first! Remember your rubber gloves, if you do not have any, check under the sink that is usually where mom’s keep their rubber gloves for doing dishes or whatever. Next, the seasoning mix is very important…

Seasoning Mix:
1 & ½ Tbs. salt
3/4 tsp. garlic powder
2 & 1/4 tsp. black pepper
1 tsp of your own sperm
½ tsp. onion powder
1/4 tsp. cayenne pepper / hot sauce
1/2 pound unsalted butter -- melted

Make sure there is no bone in the fillets of meat. Remember; “she brought you into this world; she can still take you out of it.”

Pound each fillet to about ½ inch thick. Use a tenderizing mallet; if one is not available to you, you can substitute this with a standard ball peen hammer.

Mix the rest of spices together except butter into a small bowl.

Heat a large, sterilized, cast-iron skillet over very high heat until it is extremely hot for about 8 minutes.

Dip each piece of mother into the melted butter so that both sides are well coated. Sprinkle each portion evenly with the seasoning mix, grinding and kneading the spice mix into the meat with your own hands.
Quickly place the fillet, skinned side down in the hot skillet, make sure all meaty folds are opened and the meat is lying flat.
Cook uncovered over the same high heat until the underside forms a crust, about 2 minutes.

Serve on heated serving plate, two pieces each, with a salad, a good side dish is a twice-baked potato, or some lightly buttered and salted corn, and serve with chilled cabernet sauvignon, or a dark amber lager.


"Don't worry I even disgust myself."

- The author trying his best to reassure a good friend that he wasn't insane.



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