Red Horse Radio: THE ABRACAST 

This is an exclusive part of the podcast where we expound and elaborate on some of the sticky, weird and occult topics that come up on the main show. Save this link and check back every week for for the weirder side of Red Horse Radio!

The Antikythera Mechanism


Leviticus and the Morality of the Word "Abomination"


The Gnostic Cain


Ophichus The Lost Zodiac


Saturn and The Ancient Sky


The Drunken Serpent in the Garden of Eden


The Precession of the Ages


A Train Derails in Pittsburgh (Out-Takes From RHR 188)


If The Falcon is a Rockin' Don't Come a Knockin'


CERN and Particle Physics with Maddie Von Stark


Operation Fu-Go


The Tarot of The Big Lebowski


Body Language 


Sex Magic


Watchers and the Deluge




Stone Golem


The Dar Al Harb


The Djinn










Battle of Vienna


Secret Societies 






Hymn of the Pearl


Faustian Deals


Adam and Eve


Angels 101


Introduction to Gnosticism 


The Four Horsemen


The Djinn






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