The Djinn Jihad! An ancient sect of religious terrorists sneak a magic lamp into the city. When they open it the Djinn emerges, he’s a magically powered engine of hate bent on destruction. A squadron of angels arrive to fight the Djinn with firey sword. A group of quirky heroes called The Nonstandard Assembly try to stop the destruction.! Now available paperback and kindle! 

The Djinn Jihad kicks your face with myths, mysteries, epic battles, suicide bombers, quirky characters and divine power armor!

In an age of paranoia and fanaticism, the Nonstandard Assembly face the End of Days. Cultists seek to summon a horror from the desert, a djinn, corrupted by the followers of the Pharaohs, dark magic and an ancient organization the Dar Al-Harb.

"…I am an angel of Revealing, I am Bat Qol, You have been chosen by YVH and the Council of the Cherubim to witness terrible wars. To understand these events you must first know of events long passed."

 “Beautiful, violent, clever and oddly lifting, Jon Towers re-sets the graphic novel bar in the vein of Miller and Moore. One of the most compelling and smart graphic novels out there, period.” Nelson W Pyles, author of DEMONS DOLLS AND MILKSHAKES

NEWS:  12/1/2014 Jezebeth #1 is now available! SGL Entertainment's cult vampire movie series gets a fresh new direction in this comic sequel. Written by Jesse Saxon and Jon Towers art by Jon Towers. 





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